Fuck This Planet

by The Ills

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Available in UK on No Front Teeth records at www.nofrontteeth.co.uk


released October 9, 2015

All songs 2015 © Dysentery, except Sinks Us & Suicidal Cheapskate Dysentery/Ebola

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios

Erika Ebola -Vox
Danny Dysentery - Guitar & Vox
Molly Marburg - Bass
Tommy Tinnitus - Drums
Stella Salmonella - Sax
Gabby - Cat Noises

Cover Art by Marco NFT

No Front Teeth Records 2015



all rights reserved


The Ills Iowa City, Iowa

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Track Name: Fuck this Planet
every day I get a little closer, to calling it quits
I hate everyone, everywhere, and all their shit
and just can’t stand it
fuck this planet
I think i’ve had it
fuck this planet
everyone’s got to talk and I have heard enough
it’s all your fault, that this life is getting so tough
Track Name: Fun Fun Fuck You!
everyone knows that fun starts with an FU
and that’s all that I want to say to you
cuz I’m having fun
so fuck you!
fun fun fuck you!
Track Name: Hands of the Ripper
daddy was a killer
and she’s got the violence in her
through the bars the fire burns bright
she’s not acting herself, no not tonight
yeah Anna, you don’t wanna kiss her
she’s got the hands of the ripper
yeah she’s really a mess
they say she’s really possessed
and no it’s not just bad dreams
no not the blood not the screams
Track Name: Cicero
Cicero says “let’s kill somebody”
he’s so fucked up he thinks its funny
Cicero, don’t you know?
he only wants to see the blood flow
he says “next time I see the maiden nelly,
I’m gonna stick a knife right in her belly”
stab stab stab
Track Name: Holy High School Hell
Mary was suffering through catholic high school
but she didn’t believe any of them fools
holy high school hell
Mary loved to get em in a twist
she’d just say that “Jesus don’t exist”
she don’t believe in a personal god
she won’t join your cheerleading squad
Track Name: Busy Drinkin'
those tall boys got me weird
I’ve been smashed,
I’ve been beer’d
the devil does my thinkin’
cuz I’m too busy drinkin’
friday night is my business
whiskey shots, tons of Guinness
Track Name: No Such Crime
and when they come for you
the shadows will give them no clues
no, there’ll be no sign,
no not this time
no such crime
and when the night turns a darker hue
there’s someone who looks just like you
Track Name: Sinks Us
stashed a quarter in your shoe
got a place, how ‘bout you?
let’s get out of the city
it’s too clean, and were so dirty
before it sinks us, it kills us, it makes us
stuck to the floor
roll it up in your sock
tape it shut in your shoe box
pop a lid were on the go
you always say that you want more
before it sinks us, it kills us, it makes us
stuck in the door
Track Name: Suicidal Cheapskate
don’t have bullets or a gun
but I’m still gonna get the job done
fancy pills have a high price tag
so I’ll stick my head in a plastic bag
suicidal cheapskate – I keep my savings in a piggy bank
suicidal cheapskate – The 1% can’t relate
I’m so broke, but I’m still gonna choke
Track Name: Where is Regan?
Captain Howdy, what did you do to me?
I thought we were just playing a game
but now my Ouija board will never be the same
Where is Regan?
“I’m not Regan”
Where is Regan?
“In here with us”
Captain Howdy, why’d you possess my body?
I was just hoping you’d answer my questions
but you took over and taught me a lesson
Track Name: Don't You Know
I’m the defect, the sick subject
I’m all neglect and disrespect
don’t’ you know I got nothing left to show?
I’m a no go
Track Name: Nitemare Scenario
totally fucked and out of luck
all the dials have been turn to suck
everything’s gone to black
and now there’s no going back
it’s a nitemare scenario
Track Name: Teenage Dr.
he’s a teenage doctor
but he still can’t get a date
yeah he knows how to operate
but still he’s gonna have to masturbate
teenage doctor
he’s a teenage doctor
but he’s got bad acne
yeah he can fix your heart
but Clearasil would be a good start
he’s a surgeon, still a virgin
he’s a medic, so pathetic
Track Name: Hate this Place
these grey cubicle walls have got me on my knees
it’s getting so that, it’s just so hard to breath
and I don’t feel alive
Monday through Friday 8 to 5
my boss is always yelling about dumb shit that’s useless
today he’s all over me, says my desk is such a mess
I hate this place